Here at Puckett’s Boat House, we aim to stay true to local Franklin flavor while delivering an atmosphere that makes you nostalgic for family vacations and good times. We do this through a one-two punch of Puckett’s trademark Southern fare and reputation as a live music venue—both with our signature Boat House twist.



Our grill and oyster bar menus offer wide-ranging flavors of by-the-shore dishes that are reminiscent of the Gulf coast and the Big Easy, plus Southern staples that draw from the Marshall family’s Nashville and Memphis roots. Our mission is to deliver down-home dishes with a seafood spin, featuring only the highest quality local and regional ingredients. But that’s not all.



We’ve transformed our old baitshop into a premier wine and cigar bar, which now offers a carefully selected list of high-class spirits and fine cigars. With labels not seen anywhere else on Nashville or Franklin menus, our wine list focuses on unique varietals and blends that are organized by weight and mouth-feel, and is designed to guide guests by their taste buds rather than preconceived notions.



Looking for way to connect with fellow wine lovers and cigar enthusiasts? Search no more. Every third Wednesday of the month, Puckett’s Boat House is hosting Wine by the River—an event where guests have the chance to taste a featured wine and cigar, with selections varying each month. In addition to enjoying bites from our appetizer menu, bartenders are available to educate participants on a broad spectrum of topics relating to the wine bar’s eclectic menu.



And if you’re here Tuesday through Saturday evening, expect to hear great live music with a Middle Tennessee stamp. Whether it’s Walker Wednesdays with Walker Hayes, our Blues Night on Thursdays or our Zydeco Cajun dance the last Thursday of each month, we guarantee a swinging good time on our big ole dance floor! Check out our calendar for a list of performers throughout the week.



Housed in Franklin’s old Boat Locker at 94 E. Main Street, the Boat House is part of the Puckett’s family of restaurants and is downtown Franklin’s only seafood-focused eatery.